Afgelopen woestijnreis ging William Ritchie met ons mee. Op de laatste dag in de woestijn schreef hij dicht gedicht over wat hij in de woestijn heeft ervaren. Graag wil ik dit gedicht met jullie delen.

The Rhythm of the Desert

Step, walk, one, two, three,

Breathe in, breath out, breathe free,

Rock left, rock right,

Move on, no need to fight,

Tracks go on and on, in the sand,

Sun on our necks, dust in our hands,

We wake with the sun and sleep with the moon,

We walk, we sit, we eat, we lie, we slide down the dune,

The camels head bobs up and down,

He chews a shrub and rubs his crown,

The group is together, even when apart,

Creating, in harmony, this work of art,

This is the rhythm of the desert,

I belong to the rhythm, yet the rhythm is mine,

And the rhythm goes on, until the end of time.

Dank je wel William voor het mogen delen.